Virtual Moreland

Men who believe that they are accomplishing something by speaking speak in a different way from men who believe that speaking is a waste of time.

Neal Stephenson, 1999, Cryptonomicon.

Minutes for 2 June 1999

Bill McPherson, Rob Brittain, Craig Silva, Jonathan O'Donnell (minutes).
Paolo Ricci, Geri Simm, Daniel Pocock

Business arising from the minutes


Business of the meeting

Docklands telecentre proposal

Bill put an expression of interest in to the Docklands Authority. They will consider the proposal and get back to us. In the process of developing the proposal, it became clear that Recruit.Net would like part of it a work for the dole scheme.

Action: Bill and Jonathan will distribute the application to the Committee, for information.

Through the ComputerBank we have access to any number of Linux machines.

Moreland Education Expo

We got there early and it worked. However, people were there mainly to look at the schools, and not at the Internet. We added to our local presence and got a few people out of it who are interested in basic training.

Developing our organisation

At the moment, we need to recruit more people and raise our profile. We need people to sustain this organisation. We need to get to the point where we have a revenue stream. Working from grants is problematic because all the budget is applied to the project. So we never have any disposable funding.

However, we do have a small, relatively steady stream of organisation which we are working with.

Disabled Motorists Association

Peter George is from another disabled organisation which uses the Disabled Motorists Association building. They would be interested in being involved.

Action: Pass the contact details to on to Paolo and ask him to contact Peter directly. Peter George can be contacted on 9398 6043.

Coburg Festival

Coburg Festival is on again on 29th November 1999. It is time to get organised for the next festival. Tasks to be undertaken are: We may even be able to have a GNU/Linux computer to raffle. If we have a computer to raffle, we will have a stall.

Action: Rob will liase with Coburg Festival organisers. Bill will organise a computer for the raffle.

Next meeting

The next meeting will be 7.30 pm Wednesday 16 June 1999 at INCA, 352a Sydney Rd, Coburg 3058. All welcome.