Jonathan O'Donnell

... and I own, that to encourage the Practice of remembering and repeating those wise Sentences, I have sometimes quoted myself with great Gravity.

Benjamin Franklin, The Means and Manner of Obtaining Virtue; The Way to Wealth

Flotsam from the Internet

When you use the Internet, you tend to leave footprints. I was very surprised to find little bits of myself pop up on different search engines. These were often postings to USEnet from years ago.


In May 1994, the Interscripta mailing list was discussing the formation of Labyrinth. Using a mailing list to discuss the formation of an academic resource was a great experience (even if I was having trouble working out how to reply to the mailing list). Here are my contributions to the discussion. The experience formed the basis for a poster entitled "Using the Internet for academic collaboration".

In September 1994, we were all talking about religious ritual in Medieval fantasy on It's a newsgroup that I don't read anymore, I'm afraid.


In August 1995, Rob Phillips was asking about putting papers on the Web.


In February 1998, I presented "Sunrise Research Laboratory and the Web Accessibility Initiative" at the Community Networking/ Networking Communities conference.

Vanity, saith the preacher, vanity!

Robert Browning, The Bishop Orders his Tomb at Saint Praxed's Church

Address jetsom

As you travel, you also tend to discard old e-mail addresses, which is a pity, because they are often your identity on mailing lists and news groups. Very few people have the luxury of a stable address. Here are some old ones that I have had.

My Web site has sat in different places, too. You can always find it at