Internet Citizenship: H1 example

div class="pull"

I try to keep my pull quotes to less than 50 words. This ensures that I don't get over-enthusiastic and quote great slabs of text. It also keeps me pretty safe, where copyright is concerned.

As they are quotes, they can have short or long paragraphs.

cite example. 'Cite' is depricated, so I should do something about this (eventually).

Cascading style sheet exemplar,
H2 example

Definition list: definition term
Definition data, dd example, Rob Brittain, Craig Silva, Paolo Ricci, Jonathan O'Donnell (minutes).

H3 example

P example. Paolo gave us a report on the current numbers. He is confident that we will reach the target numbers. While access hours remain an issue, we have systems in place to cope.

Blink is a thoroughly annoying tag, so I tried to make it not blink, by using text-decoration: none and COLOR: #FF0000. Blink is a proprietary tag, so I probably wouln't use it anyway.

This is an example of class="action". It is used to denote action items in a set of minutes. Often it is followed by the person who has the action, in the form of class="who"

H4 example

Associate Professor example of in-line link.

The Trumpeters Tower of Kronborg Castle

Multimedia development provides art galleries with an amazing range of new possibilities and challenges. I understand the possibilities and have experienced (and overcome) some of the challenges. As my resume demonstrates, I have extensive experience in the editorial and production coordination of a range of new media projects.

While at the Sunrise Research Laboratory, I assisted in the production of several CD-ROM products, all of which were supplemented by extensive on-line resources. I was required to:

kbd example. I'm pretty sure that kbd (keyboard) is depreciated by now... "I don't want to insist on it, Dave, but I am incapable of making an error."

div class="quote". I probably should make 'pull' a subset of 'quote', but I am not sure how to do it.

cite class="quote"

class="smallprint" - used in my copyright page. How do I get it smaller (eg font-size=-7)? 100% recycled electrons and magnetic particles; action figures sold separately; add toner; all models over 18 years of age; all rights reserved; allow four to six weeks for delivery; an equal opportunity; any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, is unintentional and purely coincidental;

This is an example of class="example", as a paragraph. What does it look like? I have forgotton.

@media print

In theory, when my pages print, headings should avoid page breaks within and directly after (like 'keep with next paragraph') Lists, including definition lists, should not have page breaks directly before them. Blockquote and pre should not have page breaks inside them. Who knows if this works.

Div class="stats" span

Arts: Mapping class
Arts: Sketching =
Search "stat"

H3 example 3d6

Shooting: Shotgun 6d6
Shots 2
Speed 2
Rate 2
Damage 2d6+4d6
Range 10
Ammo: 00000 00000 00000 00000
00000 00000 00000 00000

P example. How do I get the words to sit nicely in the column? I don't know.

Engraved and mother of pearl inlayed, Alfred's father gave him this beautiful fowling piece upon Alfred's embarkation for the New World.

Nimbleness 3d12

div class="specs": OOOOO OOOOO [stat]

P class="art" (below)

O [OO] O
O [OO] O

Heavy wound to left arm span class="stat"


span class="hawks" [El Paso] Barbara
span class="coburn" [El Paso] Andrew Bean
span class="star" Neroli
span class="devlin" Andrew South
span class="phelps" Kelly
span class="dark" Amanda
span class="doc" Steve

class="comments" ... I had forgotten that I set up this style.


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