Bad Moon

My first module, and doesn't it show. A howler, you might say. Still, I'm proud of the variable ending for the second session, which solved the running time problem.


With Neroli Wesley.
Three familiars have to help out their magician master.
Still the best, I reckon (mainly due to Neroli's influence).

Happily Ever After

The dragon is dead. The Princess is rescued. What happens now?
This is a great little module that I have never really finished. The few times I ran it were more like play tests than real sessions.

Lust Never Sleeps

Something is keeping the Pope's awake at night. Who can he turn to but the Sisters of Eternal Temptation?
A 'Renegade Nuns on Wheels' module. Need I say more?

Fiona' Big Guns

When they send you into the Red Zone, they wish you luck. And they give you guns... Big guns.
A Traveller module, with lots of big guns. Thanks to Neroli for helping me sort out the first session.

"Leave Dragon Fang alone and flee
or prick your flesh today.
The toll for trespass here is steep;
you can't afford to pay."

Dragon Fang

The module that forms the basis for my Dragon Fang campaign. If it ever gets off the ground.