Jonathan O'Donnell

Work skills

Project management

Liaising with external clients and managers.
Meeting external, non-negotiable deadlines.
Working within a specified budget.
Independently organising multiple complex tasks.
Supervising staff in training positions.
Operating as an effective team member under pressure.

Internet experience

Deep understanding of major Internet issues, particularly metadata, universal accessibility and access for all.
Extensive experience in creating and maintaining mailing lists.
Designing and constructing accessible Web sites.
I have been an avid Internet user since 1991.

Training capabilities

Designing and delivering Internet training courses.
Developing on-line tutorials.
Instructing office staff in microcomputer applications.
I am a certified Internet trainer through the Internet Training Institute.

Computer literacy

Designing and implementing databases.
Extensive word processing and desktop publishing experience.
Expertise in Macintosh, MS DOS & Windows systems, especially exchanging data between systems. Familiarity with UNIX.

Interpersonal communication

Liaising with clients.
Preparing detailed reports and submissions.
Active listening and providing appropriate feedback.
Accurate and timely reporting to colleagues and senior management.
Author of six interactive fiction (role-playing) stories.
Touch typing at 30 words per minute.

Administrative skills

Developing information processing & delivery systems.
Maintaining accurate computer & file based record systems.
Desktop publishing business reports and submissions.
Editing in-house magazines and newsletters.
Collating & formatting submissions from disparate sources.

University administration

Producing briefing papers on research policy matters.
Overseeing selection, distribution & administration of grants.
Providing accurate, timely information on granting schemes.
Organising and managing accreditation for previous studies.
Enrolling students and assisting with selection.
Assisting with the organisation of graduation ceremonies.