Virtual Moreland Internet Training Courses

Virtual Moreland would like to invite you to learn to use the Internet. We offer friendly, tailored training in small groups.

Welcome to the Internet!
Discover what the Internet is and how you can use it to talk to other people using email, chat and discussion groups.
Finding information on the World Wide Web
Learn how to use the World Wide Web to find information and people.
Make your own Web page
Creating your own Web page is very easy! Learn to format text, create hyperlinks, insert graphics & load your page onto the World Wide Web.
Build a Web site
Learn how to turn one Web page into a great site. Plan your site, create a template and add your site to search engines. courses

  1. Do you have access to Internet services?
  2. Did you have access to the Internet for 5 hours or more over the last six months?
  3. Do you have a multimedia computer at home which has at any stage been connected to the Internet?

If you can answer "no" to two or all of these questions, then Virtural Moreland can offer you five hours of training and ten hours of access to the Internet. This training has been made available by the project. Thanks you,

We are happy to organise courses to meet your specific requirements. We often provide training courses for local companies, unions or schools. Please contact Jonathan O'Donnell, our training coordinator for further details.