Persian Kitty

In olden days a glimpse of stocking
Was looked on as something shocking,
But now, God knows,
Anything goes.

Cole Porter, "Anything Goes"

A unique site on Yahoo!?

I only got one result from Yahoo! for a search on one of their most popular search terms ("persian kitty"). Pretty remarkable, since usually I get 1000's of results, or nothing at all.

It wasn't the html, so I thought maybe it really was a unique site. That is, maybe it is the only page on the whole World Wide Web that talks about Persian kittens (frankly, I didn't think so). Anyway, I ran the same search on a couple of other search engines.

Here's what AltaVista turned up, when I went there from the bottom of Yahoo!'s page:

Found 1570 matches containing "persian kitty". Displaying matches 1-20.

Persian Kitty Links
Cat Fanciers' Association. International Cat Association. Cat Show Calender. Online Feline Fanciers. PetChat. CATFANCY Magazine. The Flea Page. The Cat... - size 4K - 27 Feb 97

Persian Kitty's Adult Links!
HOME OF THE PURRFECT POSE OF THE WEEK! This page contains links to sites that may contain adult-oriented and/or sexually explicit material. If you are... - size 4K - 11 Apr 96

"1570 matches"; that's more like it.

Amazing - someone who likes cats appears first. Go figure. Admittedly, after that, virtually every other site was a sex site until I got to the 62nd site:

Top 200 Sites - Click here to Visit the Home Page of AAA World Announce Archive
Click here to Visit Radio 2AM 16 (The Radio EDGE) Sydney. Submit | Home Page | CHAT | News.

Which, of course, contains the list that this all started with.

Over at Excite, "persian kitty" scored '1160 matches':

Top 10 of 1160 matches. View Titles only   View by Web Site  

81% Persian Kitty's Adult Links! Awards and ...   [More Like This]
Summary: "Adult Oriented Site of The Day". February 15, 1996 Persian Kitty's Adult Links is consistently Best Site of the.

Down at 75%, I actually found another person who likes Persian cats.

75% Adult to Kids Links   [More Like This]
Summary: com QVC Shopping All In One Search Alta Vista WebCrawler Yahoo Rick's Miami Dolphin Page Simon's Page Julie's Page eBay Auction. WebSurfer's Choice HomePage of the Week Ring of Nominees [ Next Page | Skip Next Page | Previous Page | Next 5 Pages | Ring of Nominees HomePage

None of this explains that 'purrfect' result at Yahoo!, though. OK, so it wasn't clever html and it wasn't a unique site. Perhaps it was a result of the way that Yahoo! works.